4 Creatives / 12 Writers / 144 Artists / 1 Charity

About The Project

What do you get when you bring four leading talents from the British design and creative scene together with a mission to do something very cool for cancer?

You get a must-own tangible tactile thing that you will want to keep going back to for enjoyment, ideas, inspirations and emotional connections. This is because “Memories” is more than simply a book about the big C – cancer. It takes a subject that has touched just about everyone’s life, turns it on its head in a master-stroke of lateral thinking, and truly celebrates the way cancer can move the human spirit to make really good things happen.

Memories will change the way its owners think about cancer. Its approach removes fear by immersing the reader in a carnival of human creativity, showing the power of our race to grab life by the scruff of the neck and enjoy it, whatever the adversity.

From cover to cover and on every page in between you understand that this is first and foremost a book driven by the need to design and be creative without limits. So you will find nothing morose at all within these highly colourful pages.

Instead, when picking it up you are immediately engaged and then inspired by 12 true life stories of loss and survival, supported by 144 pieces of the most incredible art, drawn and donated by some of the most gifted artists working today, including: Vaughan Oliver, Si Scott, Deane Cheuk, Mario Hugo, Gary Taxali and Autumn Whitehurst, each work in very direct interpretations of the stories. Perhaps most exciting of all for art lovers is the fact that each piece was created specifically for Memories, so in one beautiful volume you get to own 144 original and inspirational graphic artwork designs. In truth, what you have here within the pages of Memories are the emotional connections to cancer of 156 caring people, brought together by 4 visionary men.

Memories is the brainchild of 4 well known independent UK based creatives, Stuart Boyd, Antony Kitson, Rishi Sodha and Garrick Webster, who came together with a desire to do something by the creative industry to help people who are being touched by cancer today. Their personal ethos is motivated by having been touched in some way in their own lives by cancer.

Apart from their creative capabilities in laying out, designing and putting together Memories, these four visionaries are also practical men who decided from the outset that the book simply had to be accessible to everyone, including brassic art and design students around the world who would want to own the book as an unending source of inspirational reference. This has been reflected in the very low cover price of the book, which, at just £10, is quite astonishing.

How have they done it? With the help of the writers, artists and many friends including the printers Taylor Bloxham who have donated their own staff resources, valuable paper stock, printing machinery and book assembly time, all completely without charge.

Garrick Webster said, “Without the support of Taylor Bloxham our dream of getting our project out for Maggies really would not have flown. This is a beautiful premium publication which has taken many months of planning, commitment and coordination by everyone working with the artists and writers. We will be eternally grateful to our printers for their dedication to Memories. It is thanks to them that we have arrived today at the place where people can guarantee their copy from only 500 being printed by pre-ordering it from the Memories website.”

Andy Millward of Maggies said: “We have been privileged to see and been moved by the total honesty in each of the stories, inside the book are a dozen wonderfully written texts by people who have survived cancer, or lost a loved one to what we hope will one day be a curable disease. Each touching work is complemented with 12 illustrations by different artists who have interpreted the stories visually in their way. The end result of Memories delivers a positive atmosphere that is totally in keeping with what Maggies does every day and is beyond our wildest dreams of what could be when Garrick and his colleagues approached us. It is an amazing thing.”

The cover price in its entirety will be donated Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. The charity helps hundreds of cancer victims and their families every day, and each purpose-built sanctuary fosters an atmosphere of understanding, support - and creativity.

What is Maggies?

A Maggie’s Centre is a place to turn to for help with any of the problems, small or large, associated with cancer. Under one roof you can access help with information, benefits advice, and psychological support both individually and in groups, courses and stress reducing strategies. You don’t have to make an appointment, or be referred and everything we offer is free of charge. It is there for anybody who feels the need for help, which includes those who love and look after someone with cancer, who often feel as frightened and vulnerable as those who actually have the disease.
A Maggie’s Centre will be many things to many people. It is there for anybody to use in the way they want to. There isn’t a one size fits all recipe for how you live with cancer. Everybody needs to find their own way. The job of the professionals at Maggie’s is to listen to you, to help you find out what you want and give you the tools to help yourself.